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About us

Hello! I'm Gioula.

I’m a native South African, now living in the USA. Along with my family (husband and 5 children), we visit South Africa 1-2 times every year. In between trips, we reminisce about our lovely adventures, and we plan our next exciting exploration.

South Africa is a beautiful country, with so much to offer. Our goal is to show you as much as we can, so that you may make educated decisions as you plan your own trip to the rainbow nation.

South Africa Is A Tree Rooted In African Soil. Let's Sit Under Its Shade

As a native South African, I’ve always heard people say how lovely South Africa is. I didn’t appreciate the natural beauty and the depth and richness of the culture until after I moved halfway across the world. But now I get it, and I want YOU to know it too.

South Africa is blessed with stunning natural beauty, beaches, vibrant cities, world-renowned wines, exquisite cuisine, art, fascinating culture, wildlife, mild weather… and so much more. If you have been to South Africa, and you’re not planning to return, you didn’t explore enough.

That’s why we created this site!

Join us and explore the exhilaration of traveling through South Africa.

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